Temptation in a Kilt -- Victoria Roberts

Temptation in a Kilt--Available Now
Book 1 of the Bad Boys of the Highlands

She’s on her way to safety

It’s a sign of Lady Rosalia Armstrong’s desperation that she’s seeking refuge in a place as rugged and challenging as the Scottish Highlands. She doesn’t care about hardship and discomfort, if only she can become master of her own life. Laird Ciaran MacGregor, however, is completely beyond her control…

He redefines dangerous…

Ciaran MacGregor knows it’s perilous to get embroiled with a fiery Lowland lass, especially one as headstrong as Rosalia. Having made a rash promise to escort her all the way to Glengarry, now he’s stuck with her, even though she challenges his legendary prowess at every opportunity. When temptation reaches its peak, he’ll be ready to show her who he really is…on and off the battlefield.

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Temptation in a Kilt--September 2012 is a RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Nominee for Best First Historical Romance from Sourcebooks Casablanca Book 1 of the Bad Boys of the Highlands

"I will forever have the story and the characters in my heart. I recommend this story to everyone."―Romancing the Book

"This is a beautiful love story that will touch your heart."―Romance Book Junkies

"Amazing, well-written, enthralling..."―My Secret Romance Book Reviews

"The pacing, the character development, and the Highland setting were very well-written, making Temptation in a Kilt an excellent Highlander romance novel."―Book Savvy Babe Reviews

"The frightening, gut-wrenching events that lead up to the climax makes one’s heart pound and keeps adrenaline pumping. The many twists and turns that take place are skillfully interlaced with foreshadowing and subtle clues that are threaded throughout. Ms. Roberts weaves together historical events, exquisite descriptions, intrigues, humor, and compelling characters to create a love story that leaves the reader with a satisfied sigh—ah, yes, a happy-ever-after."—Long and Short Reviews  

"Roberts’ debut novel will charm fans of Scottish romance. Her love of Scottish history and Highland heroes is quite evident in the fast-moving plot. Well written, full of intrigue and a sensual, believable romance, this book captivates the reader immediately. Definitely an author whose next book will be eagerly awaited by her readers." RT Rating: 4 Stars Review —RT Book Reviews

"Readers seeking a break from raunchier romances will appreciate the focus on the protagonists forming a real relationship over time."—Publishers Weekly

“Victoria Roberts has penned an exciting Highland adventure! The romance was sensual and compelling. It was hard to put down once I started. I can't wait to read the next one!”—Amanda Forester, acclaimed author of True Highland Spirit

"Roberts' debut is filled with everything I love most about Highland romance: a strong-willed heroine and a single-minded hero, facing the adventure of their lives together."Melissa Mayhue, award-winning author of Warrior's Redemption

"An invigorating romp through the Highlands, full of intrigue and romance! A wonderful debut novel that you don't want to miss!"Andrea, Owner of Write Life of Andrea and Corrina

"I loved the interplay between the characters. A very good and enjoyable read. I look forward to reading your future books!"Mark C. Whitaker, Member of Clan Gregor




Royal Court, England, 1603

Sometimes being a Highland laird was a royal pain in the arse.

Laird Ciaran MacGregor of Glenorchy was tired and wanted to be home. It felt as if he had been attending court for more than a fortnight. The courtly games alone were enough to make a man impale himself on his own sword. As soon as he was finally granted the audience he had requested from King James, Ciaran and his men would depart.

Sounds of laughter and snatches of song filled the air. As Ciaran glanced around the great hall filled with several hundred members of nobility, he was thankful to have discovered an unoccupied wall. Frankly, everyone was grating on his nerves. Men socialized and were dressed in their finery. To him, they all looked like exotic birds—peacocks, perhaps. The heat was so unbearable that he did not know how the women managed with so many layers of clothing. He pulled at his restricting silk doublet at the thought.

“Ye have held up exceedingly well, my laird.”

“Aye, as well as can be expected in this madness.” Ciaran scowled at his brother and knew his vexation was evident, but frankly, he did not care.

“We are all ready to be off,” said Aiden, slapping him upon the shoulder. “Have ye given any thought to whether Glenorchy still stands with Declan in your stead?”

Running his hand through his hair, Ciaran sighed. “I think of it often. He had best be out of his cups and have ceased his wenching before we return. I only hope my walls still stand.”

Only a king’s summons would have forced him to leave his reckless fool of a brother in charge. At least most of Ciaran’s actions were defended at court—well, except his skirmishes with the bloody Campbells. Hence the reason for his delayed depar­ture. If upon his return he found Glenorchy destroyed by the bloody Campbells or under siege by Declan’s wenches, he would not be shocked. He hoped that leaving additional guards behind would have protected against both.

When Ciaran received the summons, he had no doubt Aiden would prove more beneficial at court. Had he brought his younger brother… he shivered at the mental image. Between constantly worrying about the neighboring clan’s machinations and wondering if his home was still in one piece, he needed a drink.

Recognizing his familiar expression, Aiden cast a wry grin. “Ye worry overmuch. He knows the duty that befalls him. I cannae speak to whether he is in his cups, but Aisling would have speech with him ifhe was wenching within your walls. Of that, I have nay doubt.”

“I have noticed your wee wife has found her voice since she is with child.”

“Ye’ve noticed, have ye?”

“Brother, we can hear her bellowing at ye from across the bailey. At least ye seem to be the only one provoking her ire as of late.” A smile played on the corner of his lips.

“’Tis only because ye run at the sight of her, ye coward.” A flash of humor crossed Aiden’s features. “She says she cannae find comfort and I must suffer as well because of her condition.”

It was difficult not to notice how much his brother had changed since Aisling had become with child. Even though his lady wife would cry, laugh, and call him to the devil in the same breath, Aiden seemed to be both happy and content. Ciaran hoped Aiden’s contentedness would rub off on Declan—well, one could always pray to the gods for a miracle.

They exchanged a subtle look of amusement. “And I wish ye luck with that. Praise the saints, I donna yet have a woman to make me suffer. Howbeit I do have enough troubles with Declan,” Ciaran grunted, rolling his eyes.

“He may go knee deep into his cups more often than he should and he may also wench a time or two or thrice, but ye know if ye needed him he would be at hand. ’Tis ironic to hear ye speak as such lest ye forget it wasnae long ago when ye fondled a lass with one hand and held a tankard in the other,” Aiden smirked. “Granted, ye took your responsibility seriously when Father passed. Listen to reason, Ciaran. All Declan needs is to find a strong woman and wed. Aye, mayhap he will even be lucky enough to find himself a lass with Aisling’s ire.” A mischievous look twinkled in Aiden’s eye.

That was surely something to think upon. Perhaps a wife was what Declan needed. Ciaran could go daft remembering all of the times he had tried to save his brother from himself. His head was starting to throb. No longer interested in having this discussion, he was about to take his leave for some much needed air when a raised voice held his attention. His private wall was no longer his own.

“How many times have I told you to watch that Highland tongue of yours, Rosalia? It makes you sound daft. I will not tolerate your deliberate attempts to thwart your chances with an English gentleman. You are one and twenty. How many chances do you think you have left? No one shows interest in you. Did you notice your midriff is much larger than the other women in attendance? I will not tell you again—do as I say or suffer the consequences.”

Ciaran watched the English she-dragon spread her wings and fly across the floor, but not before she pinched the young woman in the arm. Stains of scarlet appeared on the woman’s cheeks, but when her heightened color subsided, her features were exhilarating. Loose tendrils of hazel-colored tresses softened her features, and her fully rosy lips beckoned to be kissed. She had more curves than most, but she was a wild beauty.

For a brief moment, her azure eyes met his. He attempted to ease her embarrassment by offering her a gaze as soft as a caress. She returned a shy smile and inclined her head in a small gesture of thanks before she walked off in the wake of the fiery beast.

“Och, I pray for a son,” murmured Aiden, a sugges­tion of annoyance hovering in his eyes. “We need women such as that on the battlefield—aye, brother? Her venom alone would bring a man to his knees.”

Ciaran shrugged dismissively, but his eyes still followed the young woman.

“Ye know, Ciaran. Mayhap while we are at court ye should seek a wife.” His brother shifted, giving him a better view of the woman.

“How many times must we speak of this? Ye know I cannae seek a wife until my vow to Father is fulfilled.”

“Aye, the vow,” Aiden drawled with distinct mockery. “And ye think Declan will straighten his path because ye made a promise to Father?”

Ciaran’s body stiffened in response. “I gave my word.” He was tired of having the same speech with his brother. He needed a respite—from everyone.